CatSynth Pic: Teach Your Cat Synthesizer Repairing

We at CatSynth love this cartoon, bringing together many of our different interests in hilarious fashion. Seen by our friend Jeph Nor on the Facebook group Toe Beans Appreciation Club.

I have trouble seeing Sam Sam actually doing this 😹

CatSynth Video: Studio Cat (Wait for It…)

Our friend Charles Whiley demonstrates his main mixing console…wait for it 😸

We at CatSynth also enjoy the classic four-on-the-floor beat in the background.

CatSynth Pic: Guitar Pedal

Guitar Pedal with Cats

So that’s how a guitar pedal works! We knew it 😸

Submitted by Polly Moller via Facebook, originally from the Pro Guitar Shop Collective’s FB page.

Weekend Cat Blogging with Sam Sam: Swat!

Sam Sam loves being brushed. She also enjoys boxing. Sometimes the two activities come together when she plays “Swat!” with her hairbrush.

Sam Sam swat

Sam Sam is a more rough-and-tumble cat than Luna and the swat game is part of her unique style of play. You can see a bit of her in action in these “Live Photos” from our iPhone and iPad.

For those who may be wondering about the “Motion Stills” stamp on those videos, it is an iOS app made by Google to export Live Photos from your iPhone or iPad to video platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc.

JoJo and Febbles: Vacation

JoJo and Febbles return with an ode to ruined vacations. By J.B. of Vacuum Tree Head.

And just as summer vacation season approaches…

CatSynth pic: Purr-ameters

Originally from stevereidell on Instagram, shared via our friends at Moog Music, Inc.

Got to cat-just the purr-ameters…

Happy #Caturday.

📸: stevereidell on IG

Mensa Cat Monday: Columns

Mensa Cats: Painting Columns

Mensa Cat Monday returns! Enjoy the latest cartoon by J.B. of Vacuum Tree Head.

Mensa Cat Monday: Extrapolation

Mensa Cats

Mensa Cat Monday: JoJo and Febbles

This Monday we introduce some new characters to Mensa Cat universe. Meet JoJo and Febbles.

JoJo and Febbles

By J.B.

Mensa Cat Monday

Mensa Cats 7