CatSynth video: MiniBubbas – Life Underground

From noisythang on YouTube:

Another day, sitting around the old Electric Range. Bless the Andromeda Space Rockers!

Also on matrixsynth, where you can find more videos (sans cats) including this one:

“A bunch of stuff, all in sync and out o’ tune!
Just having fun with Synthrotek 16-step sequencer kit, and pile o’ goop.”

“16-step clock -> Oberheim XK sync in -> MeBlip
16-step step 1 trigger -> Bliptronics trigger -> Electric Western Phantastron Sync in -> ADSR
16-step gate (split 1) -> Pigronix ADSR
16-step gate (split 2) and CV -> Chimera BC9.

Somewhat out of tune, hey it’s a demo.

The synthrotek kit is a fun unit….. (i don’t work for them)”