CatSynth pic: Clef Electronic Music B30 Microsynth

From this auction, via matrixsynth.

I had not heard of this instrument from Clef Electronic Music until this post. It does look a lot like my Octave CAT, and synth architecture and topology sounds a lot like it as well. From the post on matrixsynth:

“The B30 is a two VCO subtractive analogue synth that was available in kit form during the late seventies and early eighties. The synth was featured in Practical Electronics magazine and provided people with a more affordable way to buy a synthesizer than the extremely expensive ready built moogs etc. There is information available now online about the history of the synth and also the schematics and build instructions. I will also supply with the synth a 17 page printout of the instructions. These are also available here.

These synths are extremely rare and I have only ever seen two for sale on ebay in the last decade, this particular one is the only one I have seen with real wooden end cheeks and also the super cool pointer dials! I got the synth about 15 years ago and always intended to restore it to it’s full glory but have never had the time to do this. A change in my circumstances have prompted a reluctant sale.