Cats on Tuesday: Diggy and Slicky

We visit again this Tuesday with Diggy and her buddy Ein Slicky Vömel from Jacksin Music.

We posted a photo of Diggy and the Access Virus two weeks ago. It generated quite a few comments, including a question from Jewelgirl on how Diggy got her name. This week, Jackson responds with Diggy’s story:

I think she’s the sweetiest-meatiest k-mow ever. She got her real name when I got her 2 years ago (her name was Gracie but she didn’t respond to it so I felt a change was in order). This puffy Siberian k-mow always digs her face onto my fingers/knuckles (Diggy) and is so fluffy & overweight (at the time) & she looked like a massive pillow (Malow) & when she’d eat she was so round she looked like a huge ball (Ball) & that’s how she got the name Diggy Malow Ball.

She’s about 6 years old now & I only hope I have her for as long as I can. Diggy loves to take residence on my lap or bed & curl up to my gear yet is overwhelmingly respectful to avoid my keyboard & tv remote. The perfect cat IMO:)

I got a buddy for her, Ein Slicky Vömel, but that’s another story…

And we conclude with a photo of Ein Slicky Vömel, with the Virus of course.

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