CatSynth Pic: LepLoop

A rare LepLoop synthesizer and groove box in front of a fanciful feline artwork. From LepLoop on Instagram.

We at CatSynth are not particularly familiar with the LepLoop, so we looked it up. Here is a brief summary from a 2016 Sound On Sound article.

The LepLoop is an analogue synth, sequencer and percussion module all the way from sunny Italy. Hand-built into a light wooden enclosure, this tiny groovebox is pock-marked with patch points and able to hook up with MIDI, CV or DIN Sync gear. Regardless of its connectivity, the LepLoop inhabits a wayward world of its own when it comes to traditions such as melody and control. This is because at its heart is a sample and hold generator that provides source material for a looping analogue sequencer. Notes generated at random are captured and — if you like what you hear — worked on until you feel like dipping in again.

Inside are two VCOs, a noise source, a low-pass filter, a dedicated bass drum, twin VCAs (each with a simple envelope) and a switching system offering near-modular flexibility.