Mackie and MacBeth Studio Systems M5

Mackie looks at his namesake synth, the MacBeth Studio Systems M5. Submitted by Phil Walling via our Facebook page. Apparently Mackie is a little shy, something we at CatSynth can sympathize with.

The MacBeth Studio Systems M5 looks quite a lot like an ARP 2600, and has a similar set of modules and patch points, but is its own instrument with its own sound and features. From Vintage Synth Explorer:

At first glance, it looks like an ARPĀ 2600. A very big ARP 2600. But this is actually a modern analog synthesizer; it is the MacBeth M5. While reminiscent of the 2600, this is not a clone. It’s a semi-modular synthesizer that features a significant array of real-time analog controls with absolutely no digital circuitry at all…There are two discrete filters on-board: a 24 dB/oct lowpass transistor-ladder type filter and a 12 dB/oct with Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass and Notch filter types. Both filters can self oscillate and feature ADSR envelope generators. There are two LFOs with four waveforms: Rising Ramp, Falling Ramp, Triangular and Rectangular. Each LFO features its own Rate control, output, and trigger outputs. Sample-And-Hold is also possible with LFO 2 (and also from the Noise Gen). There are four VCAs in the M5. One for each of the two voltage-controlled filters, and the other two VCAs are incorporated into the Voltage Controlled Panning circuit / stereo output.