CatSynth pic: dj kikovas with Roland SP-404

From dj vivi pedraglio, who left this photo for us on myspace:

dj kikovas…with his roland sp-404.

dj vivi pedraglio comes to us from Argentina and has some really interesting beats and sounds. Check out her link above. She has also been featured recently on matrixsynth.

dj kikovas has at least one other photo, so we'll see more of him soon here at CatSynth. As for dj vivi herself:

Looks like she has the same idea here as Mimì 😉

New tracks up at MySpace

Well, I have managed do to something productive with my time out bicycling and hanging at the cafe (can one really refer to anyplace as “the cafe” in Santa Cruz?). I have uploaded some new and extended tracks for MySpace Music:

I don't really have the time or patience to figure out how to really embed the player here, so a pretty picture and link will do for now.

I have gotten a lot of feedback during the time I have had a Myspace Music page to have longer clips – but this needs to be balanced against the need to protect my work, especially those that are commercially available. Anyhow, I figure the longer versions of The Wooden Fish and East Bloc Call to Prayer can only help. I also uploaded a clip from Dorian Grey's Box, the recent art installation, for the enjoyment of those who prefer Myspace over podcasts.

Hey, I actually got a couple more dollars in royalties from iTunes Europe today, might even pay for this fine coffee drink here…