Xandra with FolkTek, Moog and other modules

The beautiful Xandra – a Siamese oriental shorthair cat – sits proudly in front of a modular system featuring offerings from FolkTek, Moog, Malekko and more. Xandra fits purrfectly with the aesthetics of the FolkTek modules.

From Ignus Ajpuu viua Facebook.

Akai APC40, Korg Kaoss Pads, KMI QuNexus

This beautiful Siamese cat is holding court in a studio featuring an Akai APC40 controller (for Ableton Live), a pair of Korg Kaoss pads, and a Keith McMillen (KMI) QuNexus controller. And that appears to be a dead furby next to the cat.

Submitted by sgt.dingo via our Instagram.

Eat your heart out, @catsynth 🙌🙌😆🎶🎵🥰❤️😻

Yes, that’s a Furby pelt pop filter.

Cat on a Cat (Vintage Synthesizer Museum and Cat Man of West Oakland)

Two of my favorite local institutions, the Vintage Synthesizer Museum and the Cat Man of West Oakland, are back together again for this photoshoot featuring a beautiful siamese cat and the Octave CAT synthesizer.

I particularly like seeing the CATStick, which I had a chance to play when I visited the Vintage Synthesizer Museum last year.

Some more adorable images of a Cat on a Cat 😸

CatSynth Video: Cleo and synthiefrau

Originally titled “Analog and digital Synths work together…Mini Moog, Synthesizers.com.” From Synthiefrau on YouTube, via matrixsynth:

Hi Folks, the night is cold and grey and I play Synthesizers. Sorry for the mistakes, I play live. My siamese cat Cleo listening, she love Synths also. Mini moog leadsound, Synton Syrinx leadsound, the sequenz is from the Modularsystem, My left Hand played the Roland V-Synth. Effects comes from the Roland Juno 60 and my little “kloiner Racker” Doepfer Dark Energie.
Synthesizers are my life!!1

Watch Cleo during the video. Like Luna, she sits quietly and puts up with her human’s weird sounds, but will make it very clear when she wants some attention for herself.