Weekend Cat Blogging and Photo Hunt: Quirky

We usually present Luna in an elegant or creative manner, but for this week’s Photo Hunt theme of Quirky, it is an opportunity to present her quirky goofy side. That is particularly visible when she gets a new scratcher and fresh catnip:

As one can see, she is quite happy and blissful, though perhaps a bit less dignified than usual.

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CatSynth pic: DJ Cat Scratcher

Submitted by ____lo____ via Twitter, originally from this site, an actual DJ cat scratcher.

“Votre chat aime-t-il la musique? Offrez-lui cette platine et il vous fera profiter de longues heures d’ambiance musicale. Elle coûte 30€ et vous la trouverez ici.”

My (undoubtedly incorrect) translation: Does your cat like music? Give him this turntable and you will enjoy many hours of musical ambiance.

Weekend Cat Blogging: Art, Fun and Rest

Luna admires a work of art, and becomes part of another:

A little humor with our art. We saw Luna enjoying her catnip-laced scratcher in a photo last weekend. Now we can all enjoy the video:

And we close out the final Weekend Cat Blogging of the year with this image of Luna in her favorite sleeping place:

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