CatSynth Pic: Bill and Juno 6 Nip Pillow

Bill seems to be enjoying his new Juno-6 catsynth pillow. From vintagesynthesizermuseum via Instagram.

Bill on the boat, with his Juno 6. Thanks @catmanofwestoakland for the Juno catnip pillow.

I think Big Merp would love one of these, too 😺

If you can not already done so, please check out this video from our visit to the Vintage Synthesizer Museum.

Weekend Cat Blogging and Photo Hunt: Quirky

We usually present Luna in an elegant or creative manner, but for this week’s Photo Hunt theme of Quirky, it is an opportunity to present her quirky goofy side. That is particularly visible when she gets a new scratcher and fresh catnip:

As one can see, she is quite happy and blissful, though perhaps a bit less dignified than usual.

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Weekend Cat Blogging and Photo Hunt: Addiction

The theme of this weekend’s Photo Hunt is addiction, which leads to the obligatory catnip photo for Weekend Cat Blogging:

Of course, Luna’s real addiction seems to be grass:

Not only does she enjoy her little pot of grass, but will also immediately find blades growing out of flower pots on our patio (something I wish she would not do).

Lest we pick on cats entirely, we at CatSynth have many other “addictions”:

This is perhaps still my favorite red-wine photo from the archives.

Here are some colorful cocktails, which also symbolize our “addiction” to color and geometry:

Sometimes the visual aspect is better than the taste.

We at CatSynth are certainly addicted to our environment, our life in the city, the visual stimulation, our home, music, playing with cats. In truth, one needs only to browse the pages of this site or visit our photo gallery to witness images of “addiction.” Blogging itself is an addictive activity, and indeed must be in order to be successful.

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Weekend Cat Blogging: Snuggle

We recently received our “snuggle” from DKM (“Diva Kitty Mom”). It is black-and-white, perfect colors for both Luna and CatSynth HQ.

In addition to being a comfy place to sit, it comes with a special “treat”. The astute observer may see the catnip scattered on the surface of the yarn.

Luna took to this right away.

and seemed to quite enjoy herself. Indeed, she is quite fond of catnip. You can watch this video of the usually dignified Luna “nipped out” on her snuggle:

Weekend Cat Blogging #165 is being hosted by Pet and the Bengal Brats.

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