Metasonix, Qu-Bit, Native Instruments, and White Cat

This cat has a pretty awesome Metasonix setup, with several yellow modules and stomp. We also see offerings from Qu-Bit and Native Instruments.

From davidlevymusic on Instagram.

Here’s some UAC (light combat) stuff!

The main synths are running through several parallel stages of distortion (tube+solid state), waveshaping, heavy compression and harmonic saturation.💀

The cat, on the other hand, isn’t running through anything and is completely unprocessed! 🐁

Speaking of the cat, notice how he’s watching my every move, like he’s learning.
I’m convinced he’s plotting to take over my career one day! 🤔

CatSynth video: KATOD – Video Games

Szarik the cat serenades us with some dramatic 80s style synth music in this tribute to classic video games. It does make me a bit nostalgic 🙂

Submitted by Mariusz Katod via our CatSynth page.

Electronic / instrumental music
– moog synth
– modified C64 + synth software
– bass guitar
– electric solo guitar

Composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by KATOD
Video-clip recorded and assembled by Katod.
Thanks to Sylwia and Cybercoder for help in recording video-clip.
Big thx to actor – Video-star SZARIK cat 🙂

Album: 7CATS
Track: Video Games
Full album you can find here:
and also many other online music providers…
CD you can buy here:,katod-7cats…