Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Fun with Highway Signs

My eccentric long-standing fascination with numbered highways has long been reflected on this site. Here we see Luna contemplating a couple of our most recent sign acquisitions.


So what exactly do we do with these? Well, besides just the human tendency to collect things of interest, I have used signs in artwork, photography, video and I am now expanding into more modes of live performance. Mostly, dealers advertise these as “perfect for your man cave”, something which does not interest us at CatSynth in any way. For Luna, they are just more strange objects that pass through her territory. And great neck scratchers.

Weekend Cat Blogging with Luna: Modernist Poses


Luna has long been comfortable in her modernist surroundings, at it is a common subject of her weekend visits to CatSynth.  In the photo above, she is striking one of her attention-getting cute poses against the circular geometry of the rug and the angular lines of the glass table.


In those photo, she has a more elegant pose, the classic “reclining cat” from many works of art.  But she also has a little bit of attitude and disdain her expression, probably directed towards me for snapping pictures.

The Carnival of the Cats will be hosted by Ritzi iInfidel.

And the Friday Ark is at the modulator.

Weekend Cat Blogging #172: Autumnal Equinox

Luna and I welcome everyone to the autumnal equinox edition of Weekend Cat Blogging. For us, the changing of the season is more of a formality, but there is no escape from the shrinking days. And for those of us in the U.S., daylight is not the only thing in decline this week.

But I digress. This is about celebrating our feline friends. And we would love to have you all participate. So please leave us a comment with your (cat related) links, and we’ll add you to the round-up…

And with that, let us get started…

We at CatSynth know that it can be challenging to photograph black cats. But it’s well worth the effort, as in this lovely expressive portrait of Maruschka. Definitely not camera shy.

More expressive black cats. Puddy displays some serious ‘tude after refusing to sit still for the camera. This is of course another challenge of cat photography, and Katie is giving up on getting a “pretty photo” for this weekend. We of course still think Puddy is pretty.

Samantha does her impersonation of monorail cat atop a chair, at Life from a Cats Perspective.

We now move from black to white, with August, the handsome British shorthair gentleman at The World According to Pia. Check out his baby photo as well, you can see how much he has grown.

At Anne’s Food, the white kitten Klara is not enjoying her first outing. Luna did not enjoy her first outing either, though as the top photo suggests, she’s becoming queen of our balcony patio. So Klara may come to appreciate the fresh air and grass soon enough.

Meanwhile, Salome enjoys some scritches while Kashim helps himself to the big pot of cat grass that Astrid bought. The weather is turning in Vienna, getting colder and rainer. So less time out on the balcony, and Othello does like this at all.

Our friend kitikata-san presents Weekend Animal Blogging. Animals of many species share shelter, and perhaps friendship, as they ride out hurricane Gustav. It’s a wonderful image, one that humans can learn from.

At The Sour Dough, LB is delighted to have his mom home sooner. He is also enjoying his new mouse toy. We at CatSynth are also curious about the wine that Breadchick has brought back…

Thanks for joining us for Weekend Cat Blogging. We will continue to post entries through Monday as we receive them.