Sad News: TeaCup

We just got the sad news, TeaCup passed away this evening.

At 9:12 tonite Dr. Duke called and said TeaCup was gone… Thank you to everyone who purred and prayed for my sweet baby. He isn't suffering now, but the pain is so great in my heart. TeaCup was special, and he will be missed dearly.

We've only briefly known TeaCup over the past two weeks or so, and he's gone just as we were getting to know him. It's a reminder to value the time with your friends and family. I'm certainly spending extra time with Luna right now.

You can leave your condolences for Megan and The Bad Kitty Cats here. We are also going to continue our CD offer to help support them.

UPDATE: A really lovely rememberance at the Cat Blogosphere by Sophia with a great poem and photo.

3 thoughts on “Sad News: TeaCup

  1. This is so sweet of you guys. We are so sad that TeaCup didn't make it, but we want to help out with is vet bills nonetheless.
    and Purrrrrrrrrrrs from the HotMBC kitties

  2. I am very sad that TeaCup has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. 🙁 His family are in my prayers.

    How wonderful of you to help out with TeaCup's vet bills!

  3. Thank you for the update. I'm very sorry to hear the sad news. I hope Teacup has all the pets and catnips he can have in kitty heaven. Loosing a kitty is like losing a child. Many thoughts are with Megan and her family.

    Amar, you are wonderful, you care so much about people and kitties. Your friends are very lucky to have you as their friend, and Luna can't ask for a better daddy than you.

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