Teacup's race against time, and CD sales to benefit his family.

Our little friend Teacup isn't doing very well, and Megan says it's a race against time. He continues to receive surgeries to combat his gangrene infection, but now he has been diagnosed with the parasite Hemobartonekka Felis, which essentially destroys red blood cells. He received a blood transfusion, and now is attempting to recover from that in addition to his infection and surgeries. He is but a shadow of his former handsome self.

You can read more about Teacup's struggles, and the efforts being made to save him, and all the warm thoughts from other humans and cats being sent his way.

We also continue to send him our thoughts and hope he recovers. A sad truth, however, is that whatever happens, there will be huge vet bills for Megan and the rest of TeaCup's family. Several auctions are helping to raise money for his bills. You can find out more at the Cat Blogopshere, where you can also donate directly.

We are also going to donate all proceeds from CD sales during the month of May, so please do consider helping out if you enjoy both new music and animal companions. This will cover both direct sales and sales via CDBaby. Unfortunately, we cannot include digital download sales, it just is too complicated to manage. Click on the CD cover to the left for more info (I will update the page tonight with benefit info).

2 thoughts on “Teacup's race against time, and CD sales to benefit his family.

  1. Oh words are beyond our reach. What can we say, but thank you. We don't know what will happen to TeaCup, but one thing is for sure, the love and support and prayers and purrs and everything has just overwhelmed our hearts. Kindness is repaid and we shall one day make that happen as well. We are sort of basket cases at the moment and we know our appreciation is lacking compared to what we feel but know this, we appreciate your love. Thank you..
    Megan and the Bad Kitty Cats and TeaCup too.

  2. Amar – you have a humongous heart.

    I hope people will buy your cd. It's really a 2 for 1. They'll get to listen to some very nice and interesting music. (Interesting because they can listen to the music and let their imagination go.) Also, the money they pay will go to help Teacup's vet bills.

    Megan, although most good wishes goes to Teacup, I'll be thinking of you and your family as well. Please take care of yourself too.

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