17 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: Jesty and Moog

  1. Jesty is one cute kitty!!!!!
    Happy Half Year Birthday Jesty!!!!!!!!!
    Make some mucic so you can dance to it!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  2. Hi. Thanks for the birthday greetings. We made him a small cat food cake to celebrate! 🙂

    He is named after a farmer who was a distant ancestor of my family – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjamin_Jesty – we thought it was a good name for a cat! We actually thought he was a ‘she’ at first.


  3. Moog is a funny name. Mommy rememburs a guy hoo had a Mini Moog and he did surjerry on it so he kood put a strap on it and carry it around stage. He thot he wuz a badass rocker dood. Now he is a kiroprackter.

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