Weekend Cat Blogging and Photo Hunt: Electric

This weekend we at CatSynth sing the body electric (with apologies to Walt Whitman) and present another combined Weekend Cat Blogging and Photo Hunt.

Electricity and electronics are a central part of our existence:

Luna poses with an electric guitar, cables and our Mr. Echo delay pedal. Below we see Luna posing with another of our electronic devices, a Korg Kaos Pad:

Electricity permeates not only our music but art as well. Here we see a piece entitled Reflective by artist Roy Forest. It contains a red neon light running the length of bamboo tube.

For WCB, note the Suzhou cat and maneki neko on the shelf about the sculpture.

It’s interesting how there is a black and red theme throughout the images in this post. I only noticed that after completing it. It has a suggestion of fire to it, and fire and electricity have a strong connection.

More electricity. This morning, we were awakened by a large electrical storm with loud thunder and flashes of lightening. It’s a remarkable coincidence, as thunderstorms are quite rare in San Francisco. They lasted most of the morning, and some neighborhoods lost electricity. Our area was not affected by the outages, and in the end things just got a little damp.

Weekend Cat Blogging is hosted by our friends LB and Breadchick at The Sour Dough. We know they will appreciate the audio and music gear featured in this article.

Photo Hunt #178 at tnchick features the theme of electric, with the prototype image being an electric guitar.

Kashim, Othello and Salome are hosting the Carnival of the Cats this Sunday.

And of course the Friday Ark is at the modulator.

9 thoughts on “Weekend Cat Blogging and Photo Hunt: Electric

  1. Oh we definitely do appreciate the audio gear and the fun music! Mom doesn’t let me play with her audio gear very often but I did get yelled at the other night for crawling into the rack that contains her DSP and Speaker Management equipment. She was repatching some things for a gig she has next week and I was just trying to help but she said cat hair and DSP don’t mix.

    Gald you joined us this weekend!

  2. Pretty luna looks like she wants to jam. Hugs’n scritches to her.
    The pic. of the shelf look amazing. ‘Hi’ back to the kitty. 🙂

  3. Hello dear friends!
    wow this post is very interesting!Your blog is full of great stories and cool videos!
    I liked it a lot!
    Many thanks for your kind comment and gentle visit.
    purrs and always love
    your brazilian friend Luna, living now in Luxembourg!

  4. Hey, nice black & red theme,even if by accident!!
    We love the ELECTRIC theme for Photo Hunt too 🙂
    Luna looks pretty comfy with all the ELECTRIC gear.
    Maybe she is secretly a player 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

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