CatSynth pic: Roland JUNO 106 analog synth

Via matrixsynth (originally from this auction).

This a good time to remind readers that you, too, can submit your cat-and-synth (or cat-and-music) pictures. You can submit photos/links facebook, twitter @catsynth, or our submission form.

5 thoughts on “CatSynth pic: Roland JUNO 106 analog synth

  1. He looks like he is seriously concentrating on his next performance.

    PS: Speaking of synthesizers (yes I just say the first thing that pops into my head!) I saw Rick Wakeman on PBS and he no longer looks like some caped Druid wizard playing keyboards at Stonehenge (always thought that was the look he was going for) but now looks like some working class guy going to his bowling league… rock stardom = hard on Rick!

    PS2: Wikipedia says he is a conservative, so *that* must be why he looks so bad these days. 😛

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