CatSynth pics: Mattson 3X Experiment

From George Mattson, via matrixsynth.

“I was wondering if I could do a ‘piano finish’ for the case I’m going to make for my EML sequencer/ modular.

In a moment of insanity, I decided to do a test run by building a 3X wide horizontal case. I figured that if it worked, great! If it didn’t, I’d still have something I could use.

One day of building out of canary wood and 15 days of coating, sanding, re-coating, sanding, etc and the final polishing process let me know that yes, I CAN do a piano finish. But, My EML project isn’t going to get one 🙂 It’s a lot of work.

I was trying to set it up where I could get a good angle to catch the reflective surface. Once I scrubbed the kitchen floor, it was as good as spot as any. Our cat decided to check out the new ‘thing’ that was invading the floor. I figured that it gives a good scale comparison. So, there he is, being a cat.

The case measures 44″ W x 11″ H x 3″ D. It contains 36 module spaces.

I decided that it was perfect for creating a system synthetically comparable to an old stock Moog 55. I researched the ‘standard’ module compliment from their brochure and had to sort out cross-generation compatabilities. I came up with the following modules that I’ll need to create a comparable system:
2-VC Dual LFO
1-Envelope Follower
1-Quad AD/ASR EG
1-4X Gate Delay
1-8-stage Sequencer (which, I have to finish)
1-Quad VCA
3-Full VCA’s
1-4-channel Mixer
3-4X Buffered mults
3-4X VC Mixers
1-Utility 1

There was a lot of ‘back and forth’ due to some of the functions were standard within certain modules of mine.

Whether it’s the same or not, who cares. It’s going to be a lot of fun either way :)”

I wonder what the cat thinks. 🙂

4 thoughts on “CatSynth pics: Mattson 3X Experiment

  1. Maybe he’s thinking it isn’t quite wide enough for him to perch on comfortably. Or, it doesn’t contain any treats, so what’s the point? LOL.

    BTW, the mom has an unfinished buffet that needs to be stained….Hint hint. 😀

  2. What is kitty thinking??
    “I’ve done my part and admired your work,
    now,where are the treats?!!” heeheehee

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

    It does look nice and shiny 🙂

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