CatSynth pics: Mattson 3X Experiment

From George Mattson, via matrixsynth.

“I was wondering if I could do a ‘piano finish’ for the case I’m going to make for my EML sequencer/ modular.

In a moment of insanity, I decided to do a test run by building a 3X wide horizontal case. I figured that if it worked, great! If it didn’t, I’d still have something I could use.

One day of building out of canary wood and 15 days of coating, sanding, re-coating, sanding, etc and the final polishing process let me know that yes, I CAN do a piano finish. But, My EML project isn’t going to get one 🙂 It’s a lot of work.

I was trying to set it up where I could get a good angle to catch the reflective surface. Once I scrubbed the kitchen floor, it was as good as spot as any. Our cat decided to check out the new ‘thing’ that was invading the floor. I figured that it gives a good scale comparison. So, there he is, being a cat.

The case measures 44″ W x 11″ H x 3″ D. It contains 36 module spaces.

I decided that it was perfect for creating a system synthetically comparable to an old stock Moog 55. I researched the ‘standard’ module compliment from their brochure and had to sort out cross-generation compatabilities. I came up with the following modules that I’ll need to create a comparable system:
2-VC Dual LFO
1-Envelope Follower
1-Quad AD/ASR EG
1-4X Gate Delay
1-8-stage Sequencer (which, I have to finish)
1-Quad VCA
3-Full VCA’s
1-4-channel Mixer
3-4X Buffered mults
3-4X VC Mixers
1-Utility 1

There was a lot of ‘back and forth’ due to some of the functions were standard within certain modules of mine.

Whether it’s the same or not, who cares. It’s going to be a lot of fun either way :)”

I wonder what the cat thinks. 🙂