Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo (NAMM)

Yesterday at NAMM I had a chance to see the new Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo. It was a prototype, so it was demo-only at the time. It was definitely designed with Ableton Live in mind, with a layout and style that would be familiar to users. I liked the use of lighting to provide feedback, and the controller had a comfortable touch. In all, it seemed more “graceful” than the other Ableton Live controllers that have proliferated in the last few years. And it is about the size of an iPad. Which of course opens up the question of how such a controller compares to using an iPad. Certainly, the tactile feedback is helpful.

I would be curious to see how it does with other software or in a custom environment.

One thought on “Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo (NAMM)

  1. It does look like an ipad, and I like the colours. It’s quite convenient, with it being portable, and it doesn’t seem like it needs a lot of cables.
    Oh, and there’s Zip. Doing his part. 🙂

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