Bread and Tuna with Yamaha DX100 and RX7

Orange cat on a Yamaha DX100 synthesizer.  Black cat on a Yamaha RX7 drum machine.  All are on top of a checkered tablecloth

Bread (orange) and Tuna (black) team up again. Bread is playing the Yamaha DX100 FM synthesizer and Tuna has his paws on the RX7 drum machine. Together, they are ready for some retro-1980s Yamaha-synth fun. From thedigitalpurrgatory on Instagram.

The RX7 is quite similar to the RX5 drum machine we have here at CatSynth HQ, and a fine instrument in itself – the only main differences are that the RX5 has separate outputs for different pads and more complex envelope editing. You can find out more about the RX5 (and by extension the RX7) in our recent demo and tutorial.

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