Bread, Teenage Engineering OP-1, Polyend Tracker

Our friend Bread has his paws on a Teenage Engineering OP-1, which is safely beneath an acrylic cover. Both Bread and the OP-1 sit atop a Polyend Tracker.

Submitted by Anton Gabriel Largoza-Maza via our Facebook page. Regular readers might know him better as thedigitalpurrgatory on Instagram.

Kielbasa and Teenage Engineering OP-1

Kielbasa – also known as “Not Tuna” in a previous video – is jamming on the Teenage Engineer OP-1. I like the combination of chords, pads, and more percussive bell-like tones.

Submitted by our friend Antoine Macrroncles at thedigitalpurrgatory on Instagram.

Not-Tuna with Teenage Engineering OP-1

For Black Cat Appreciation Day, we have some photos of “Not-Tuna”, a black cat who looks a lot like our friend Tuna, with a Teenage Engineering OP-1. From thedigitalpurrgatory on Instagram.

Pretty sure Not-Tuna is a synth cat, too.

Tuna, Novation Bass Station, Yamaha DX7

Tuna naps atop a Novation Bass Station and a Yamaha DX7. From thedigitalpurrgatory on Instagram.

Tuna reclaiming his spot.

Presumably, Tuna is reclaiming from Sora, whom we saw napping on this same Bass Station a week ago. We at CatSynth know this territorial rivalry all too well, as Sam Sam and Big Merp are constantly vying for territory and resources (i.e., they are being cats).