‘Aristophanes’ Dub Ambient (Syntakt, Digitakt, OB-6, Prophet 10 , Pulse 2)

A gentle and inviting ambient synth jam with the Elektron Digitakt and Syntakt, Sequential OB-6 and Prophet 12, and Waldorf Pulse 2. From Martin Stürtzer on YouTube. Originally seen on matrixsynth.

Setup of this track: The Digitakt plays the drums and controls the OB-6 (Track 9), Prophet 10 (Track 10) and the Waldorf Pulse 2 (Track 11) over midi. The Syntakt plays the first sequence (Track 1), the pad (Track 2) and the lead sound (Track 5). The Midi Fighter Twister controls the levels in Bitwig and the effects, which are Valhalla DSP Delay, Supermassive and Vintage Verb.

2934 Aristophanes /ˌærɪˈstɒfəniːz/, provisional designation 4006 P-L, is a carbonaceous Veritasian asteroid from the outer regions of the asteroid belt, approximately 22 kilometers in diameter. It was discovered during the Palomar–Leiden survey in 1960, and later named after ancient Greek dramatist Aristophanes. https://tinyurl.com/2t5f5vu6

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