Satchel with Elektron, Qu-Bit, Arturia, Behringer

Satchel is excited about his setup which includes an Elektron Analog Rytm, a Behringer 305 module, a Qu-Bit Prism, and several other modules all housed in an Arturia RackBrute case.

From littlesynthbox via Instagram.

Intruder alert! ⚠️ Troublemaker detected in the studio! ⚠️

My boy Satchel is helping out with inspiration today 👌🎹🎵🐈

‘Aristophanes’ Dub Ambient (Syntakt, Digitakt, OB-6, Prophet 10 , Pulse 2)

A gentle and inviting ambient synth jam with the Elektron Digitakt and Syntakt, Sequential OB-6 and Prophet 12, and Waldorf Pulse 2. From Martin Stürtzer on YouTube. Originally seen on matrixsynth.

Setup of this track: The Digitakt plays the drums and controls the OB-6 (Track 9), Prophet 10 (Track 10) and the Waldorf Pulse 2 (Track 11) over midi. The Syntakt plays the first sequence (Track 1), the pad (Track 2) and the lead sound (Track 5). The Midi Fighter Twister controls the levels in Bitwig and the effects, which are Valhalla DSP Delay, Supermassive and Vintage Verb.

2934 Aristophanes /ˌærɪˈstɒfəniːz/, provisional designation 4006 P-L, is a carbonaceous Veritasian asteroid from the outer regions of the asteroid belt, approximately 22 kilometers in diameter. It was discovered during the Palomar–Leiden survey in 1960, and later named after ancient Greek dramatist Aristophanes.

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Elektron Analog Four and Octatrack

This cat has a pretty cool setup including an Elektron Analog Four – that’s one we don’t see as often – and an Octatrack. We also see a modular system, an FMR Really Nice Compressor, and the mixers and patch bays that are essential for any synth studio. From discotheque_sauvage on Instragram.

This is not the first time we have featured discotech_sauvage, their cat, and their Elektron instruments. Check out this previous post.

Albert with Korg Electribe, Roland SH-101, Elektron Digitone, more

Albert has found a nice sunny spot in the studio. We see a Roland SH-101, Korg Eletribe, and Elektron Digitone next to him. It appears that he is sitting on a Roland TB-303 (or similar) with a dark panel, and another rhythm machine.

Submitted by David Cole via our Facebook page.

Cat with Elektron, Roland, FMR Audio

A beautiful cat with their paws on Elektron Oktatrack (original edition), a Roland JV module (I’m pretty sure it’s the JV-1080), and an FMR Audio 1773 “Really Nice Compressor”. From discotheque_sauvage via Instagram.

We have one of those “really nice compressors” here in the studio at CatSynth HQ. It does live up to its name and is quite handy for live work as well as mixdowns.

Sissi Albert Moog

Sissy Albert Moog sits in the middle of a studio; quite appropriately, she sits atop a Moog semi-modular unit. We also see an Arturia MicroFreak, and offerings from Roland, Behringer, Dreadbox, Doepfer, Tiptop Audio, Elektron and more.

From nice_off_1 on Instagram.

My Home Studio (in progress) with Sissi Albert Moog 😺😊

We at CatSynth think the studio is coming along quite nicely.