Jeffin Rodegheri and Cat duo

A duo featuring Jeffin Rodegheri and a very serious cat on keyboard. Found via on Facebook.

This music score deserves an Oscar 😹🙌

This cat’s musicality is impressive, and works well with the harmony and counterpoint from the bass.

CatSynth Pic: Maximus in the Studio

Maximus in the studio

Our friend Maximus is in the studio ready to produce some new tracks. Submitted by ‎Jason D Rodriguez via our Facebook page.

Maximus also likes the bass. (So do we.)

Maximus with bass

CatSynth pic: Cat and Roland TB-303 (in space)

Cat with Roland TB-303 bass synth

This cat owns the TB-303 bass synth! From javier_olivier via Instagram.

You can tag your cat-and-synthesizer pics on Instagram with #catsynth to be featured on the blog on a future date.

All your bass are belong to me

Originally from icanhascheezburger (of course). Submitted by our friend Andrée of meeyauw.