Weekend Cat Blogging with Sam Sam

Here is Sam Sam being silly with her favorite toy.

Sam Sam and sock toy

We see her in this pose a lot, with or without the sock.

She parades around CatSynth HQ like she owns the place.

Sam Sam walking

(She may not be the owner according to the City and County of San Francisco, but she is the queen of the house.)

“Ready for my close-up!”

Sam Sam close-up

And now, for a nap…

Sam Sam napping

It’s good to be the cat. 😺

Weekend Cat Blogging and Photo Hunt: Heart

Our combined Weekend Cat Blogging and Saturday Photo Hunt features the theme Heart. We have a few images that blend the theme with our interests in music, mathematics and of course, cats.

Here Luna poses with a heart-shaped kalimba (thumb piano).

Luna peers at the iPad, which displays a plot of a cardioid. We used a mathematical function that produces the heart-shaped figure when plotted with polar coordinates. The formula for the cardioid is: r = 1 – sin(θ), where r is the radius from the center of the plot and θ is the angle sweeping around the center. The best way to visualize polar coordinates is using one of those old circular radar screens where the plotter sweeps in a circular motion.

The photo also features one of Luna’s favorite toys, a heart-shaped plush toy with the word “kitty” inscribed on it. We have had it for years now (indeed, it was featured in a WCB/Photo Hunt back in 2008).

Weekend Cat Blogging #349 (Valentines Day edition) is hosted by Meowza.

The Saturday Photohunt theme is Heart.

The Carnival of the Cats will be up this Sunday at Meowzings of an Opinionated Pussycat.

And the Friday Ark is at the modulator.

Weekend Cat Blogging #78: Luna's Birthday

This weekend, D and her lazy co-hosts are hosting Weekend Cat Blogging #78. This is also the weekend of Luna's birthday, which was officially on November 30 (last Thursday). She is two years old now – the ketzelas grow up so fast, don't they…

Of course, what birthday would be complete without presents? Luna had plenty from her human friends (click on the pictures below to see larger images):

Her favorite seems to be this little blue mousey, she's been playing with it all weekend:

There's still more birthday fun in store. A friend gaves us a copy of the book Meow Chow: Hearty Recipes for Happy Cats.

Doesn't the kitty on the cover look a lot like Luna?

We're going to try the crab cakes this afternoon, if I manage to get my act together. I know a lot of WCB'ers are foodies, so please do check in again later to find out how the feline culinary adventure goes!