CatSynth Video: Keromin

From keromin papa on YouTube.

Translated text:

“It is a video that plays the mouth and plays the cat in the voice of meow. In addition, authentic school which can set various tone colors such as violin sound, organ sound, frog voice, etc. The difference from keromin line is that the pronunciation when turning on the power is meow. Others, Sora Momo mode, drum mode, various types of setting are the same as Cokeromin · Lime. Reservation reception starts on 20th year new release, February 22nd  Nyan pussy cat’s day)! It will arrive in about 22 days from reservation.

Original Japanese text:
口をパクパクしてニャーの声でネコふんじゃったを演奏する動画です。 その他、ヴァイオリン音・オルガン音・カエル声など様々な音色の設定が可能な本格派。 コケロミン・ライムとの違いは、電源オン時の発音がニャーになっていることです。その他、そらももモードやドラムモード、各種設定の種類はコケロミン・ライムと同じです。 2015年新発売、2月22日(=ニャンニャンニャン=ネコの日)に予約受付開始! ご予約から約22日でお手元に届きます。

Weekend Cat Blogging with Sam Sam

Here is Sam Sam being silly with her favorite toy.

Sam Sam and sock toy

We see her in this pose a lot, with or without the sock.

She parades around CatSynth HQ like she owns the place.

Sam Sam walking

(She may not be the owner according to the City and County of San Francisco, but she is the queen of the house.)

“Ready for my close-up!”

Sam Sam close-up

And now, for a nap…

Sam Sam napping

It’s good to be the cat. 😺

CatSynth video: Grumpy Cat gets Keyboard Cat toy

First CatSynth post of the new year, this one features both Grumpy Cat and Keyboard Cat (in toy form).

Not surprisingly, I have one of those keyboard cat toys. I have used it in performance and it might make an appearance this Saturday at SOMArts’ 100 Performances For the Hole. Stop by between 7-8 to catch my 4-minute feline-themed set!

Weekend Cat Blogging: Angry Birds

Luna is spending a few minutes playing with her newest toy, a gift to her from recent visitors to CatSynth HQ:

For those who are not familiar with this particular critter, it is the original Angry Bird from the mobile and web game Angry Birds. It’s a rather silly but fun game, more in the style of arcade games than those really annoying “casual games” that were all the rage in the tech startup world and now thankfully on the decline. We don’t play a lot of computer games these days, though Luna did have fun with her toy.

I think Luna prefers the real angry birds that she sees through the window, especially the big fat city pigeons.

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Weekend Cat Blogging and Photo Hunt: Cuddly

This weekend we once again combine Weekend Cat Blogging and the Photo Hunt, taking advantage of the rather easy them of cuddly.

Of course, Luna is very cuddly, and we have hundreds of photos in the CatSynth archives to prove it. But she also seeks this quality from her environment and the objects around her. Readers may recall the blue fish that Luna received as a holiday gift. She took to it right away, and is still quite fond of it. A few weeks ago I found her carrying it around and lying down with it in the studio, much as child would treat a favorite stuffed animal.

I even found her using it as a pillow:

I think that clearly qualifies as “cuddly.”

Coincidentally, I composed a jazz piece almost 20 (!) years ago called “The Blue Fish.” It might be fun to dust it of and try playing it again one of these days…

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Weekend Cat Blogging: Luna and mouse

This weekend we have a video of Luna playing with one of her mouse toys.

She can get quite intense in her play. It is a delight to watch.

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