Oto, Dreadbox Nymphes, Oxi, Chase Bliss, Death By Audio, Endorphin.es

Oto seems to be quite enjoying this little jam featuring the Dreadbox Nymphes, controlled by the Oxi sequencer and processed via the Endorphin.es Gost, Chase Bliss Mood, and Death by Audio Rooms.

From ooramusic via Instagram.

Nala, KOMA Field Kit + FX, Chase Bliss Pedals, Modular

Nala working with a Koma Field Kit + Field Kit FX, some pedals from Chase Bliss, and a large modular system. If that modular looks familiar, that is because it’s the same one that Tweek and Satie use. Nala shares the modular as well as a human with them.

From Antoine Marronclɘs via Facebook.