Mensa Cat Monday: Extrapolation

Mensa Cats

Mensa Cat Monday: JoJo and Febbles

This Monday we introduce some new characters to Mensa Cat universe. Meet JoJo and Febbles.

JoJo and Febbles

By J.B.

Mensa Cat Monday

Mensa Cats 7

Mensa Cat Monday: Recursion

Mesa Cats 6 rev B

This is one of our favorites 🙂

By J.B. of Vacuum Tree Head.

Mensa Cat Monday

Mensa Cats by J.B.

By J.B. of Vacuum Tree Head.

Sh@t Synth People and Art World People Say

Among the countless riffs based on “Sh%t girls say”, these two seem quite appropriate for CatSynth:

From iloveanalogue, via matrixsynth:

And from CreativeTime via Hyperallergic:

Sh*t Art World People Say from creativetime on Vimeo.

Wordless Wednesday: Matzoh Man

Happy Passover!  / חג פסח שמח

CatSynth video: Keyboard Cat Plays SXSW

Or maybe that’s played SXSW, as this was posted by chuckieart almost two weeks ago.

Austin, TX: Keyboard Cat knows the only way to get real cred at SXSW is to put up a bunch of posters and set up and play on the street! It’s more exciting than an iPad 2 store!

Also reposted on matrixsynth.

CatSynth video: My Cat is a Synthesizer (3)

Submitted by vlern on facebook:

Singing Kitties

A little light entertainment from rathergoodstuff, via matrixsynth:

Cats with Autotune. If you are easily offended by Autotune, you probably don’t want to watch this video.

This is the same that did this classic chillin’ kittens. I still like that one better – you can see it here.