Miep and Kawaii SX-240

Our old friend Miep is back, this time with a vintage Kawaii SX-240 synthesizer. Submitted by Dennis Matana.

The SX-240 was a polyphonic analog synthesizer released in 1984 and is similar in many ways to the Roland Juno 60. But it did have its own distinct sound. Plus, it had MIDI and a nice display for loading and saving patches. It was overshadowed by the similar synths from Roland and Korg, and also came at the moment in the early-to-mid 1980s as analog synthesizers were falling out of favor compared to digital synthesizers (FM and sampling). They are quite rare these days, and Miep is lucky to have one.

CatSynth Pic: Miep and Roland JX8P

Miep returns to CatSynth, this time with a Roland JX-8P.   You can see some of Miep’s previous appearances via this tag.

The JX-8P was a follow-up to Roland’s popular JX-3P. Some more info on it from Vintage Synth Explorer:

Though it is far more advanced than its predecessor, the JX-3P, the JX-8P has its drawbacks. Hands-on programming is sacrificed and reduced to assigning the parameter you want to tweak to a data-slider near the pitch/mod bender. Enter the PG-800 controller which gives you total control of all the JX-8P’s editable parameters with hands-on traditional slider control. Membrane buttons dominate the front panel of the JX-8P providing access to the various preset and user patches and to page through and assign editable parameters.


CatSynth Pic: Miep and Roland D-70

Miep and Roland D-70

Our feline friend Miep is back, this time with a Roland D-70 synthesizer.  FromDennis Matana via http://www.facebook.com/catsynth .

The Roland D-70 is not as common as the iconic D-50.  You can read more about it on Vintage Synth Museum .  Interestingly, it appears to have at least as much in common with the U series as the D series, and never achieved a similar popularity to the D-50.