Nico, Alesis Electronic Drums and Guitars

Nico is the sibling of Hookah the Cat. He prefers electronic drums like the Alesis set we see in this photo. We also see an array of guitars on the wall and some plush animals – Nico fits right in with that arrangement.

Submitted by Darren Douglas Danahy via our Facebook page.

Nico prefers electronic drums and guitars to synthesizers, so I’m not sure if he qualifies for CatSynth – but he does have adoring fans as you can see.

He certainly does and we’re happy to welcome him here at CatSynth. And there is one more little fun fact about him:

Nico likes to steal the drum sticks and hide them from me

CatSynth Pic: Nico and Yamaha MOXF6

Handsome Nico proudly shows off his Yamaha MOXF6 synthesizer. From Alan Kyle via Facebook.

The MOXF series is Yamaha’s current workstation line, which combines MOTIF XF with studio features such as MIDI+USB and DAW control. As for Nico, we hear he is quite the sweetheart. According to Kyle, he is “so well mannered and affectionate 😁”