Weekend Cat Blogging with Sam Sam: Play with Me!

Sam Sam wants to play!

Sam Sam wants to play!  And who can resist such an entreaty 😻

Sam Sam is a rather gregarious and playful cat, so this ritual plays out several times a day.  And I am happy to indulge.  The rug in the middle of the main section of CatSynth HQ is one of her favorite spots overall, and she spends a lot of time here rolling around, playing with her favorite toys, and getting brushed.  Clearly, this pose in the photo below suggests she wants to be brushed (again).

On her back, you can see some of her many unique black patches, including on her paws, the back of her legs, and her “goatee” on her chin.

We hope you are enjoying your Sunday as much as Sam Sam is.

Weekend Cat Blogging with Sam Sam: Swat!

Sam Sam loves being brushed. She also enjoys boxing. Sometimes the two activities come together when she plays “Swat!” with her hairbrush.

Sam Sam swat

Sam Sam is a more rough-and-tumble cat than Luna and the swat game is part of her unique style of play. You can see a bit of her in action in these “Live Photos” from our iPhone and iPad.

For those who may be wondering about the “Motion Stills” stamp on those videos, it is an iOS app made by Google to export Live Photos from your iPhone or iPad to video platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Weekend Cat Blogging: Luna discovers iPad game for cats

I recently downloaded an iPad game for cats by Hiccup for Luna to try out. For a cat that spends a lot of time surrounded by technology, including the iPad, she is quite reluctant to touch it, so I wasn’t quite sure how she would react.

The game features a little mouse that resembles a cat toy scurrying around the screen. When the cat (or human) hits the mouse, it emits a little squeak and the player receives points; and the process repeats. That’s it – very simple. I started it up for Luna, and she immediately went to tracking the mouse intently, her little head shifting back and forth in deliberate motions. Tentatively, after a while, she started to paw at it, and eventually managed to pounce on the mouse. She seemed to be quite enjoying it, though she was still a little nervous and often backed away from the device after a pounce.

Here a brief excerpt of her first day of playing:

This is really just a little diversion for both of us to enjoy together, Luna playing with a virtual toy that draws her attention, and my taking delight in watching her do so. But this is clearly a demonstration of user engagement in the app space, for both cats and humans. Sometimes simplicity wins out.

I set up the game again in the office/studio while writing this article, and managed to get a brief iPhone video of Luna’s play. As one can see, she has gotten a bit more confident, even aggressive with it.

This does not seem to be a good game to play a small cluttered space.

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Weekend Cat Blogging: Playfulness

A moment of play at CatSynth HQ:

This orange mouse is currently one of Luna’s favorite toys:

Often, it ends up knocked off the balcony to the floor below.

Indeed, we have a favorite game now where I throw toys, such as balls or mice, up onto the balcony and Luna knocks them off.

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