CatSynth TV: Wicks Looper (with Korg Delay Monotron)

One of our CatSynth TV episodes this week featured a close-up demonstration of the Wicks Looper by Rarebeasts, a tiny musical instrument that can make beats, loops, and all sorts of noises.  We also added a Korg Delay Monotron for filtering and delay effects in the last portion of the demo.

The Wicks Looper is a fun instrument that I have used in several live performances, though less so lately.  Its audio jack is a bit fussy at times, but as long as I remember I know how to make it work reliably.  Both it and the Monotron should see more use again this year as I plan out new ideas for solo performances.  And we still love that cat logo that looks so much like our dear Luna.  But there is also a (non-black) Luna who lives with the human who created the instrument, a fact involved in our discovering it in the first place.

Rarebeasts has moved on to newer custom electronic instruments that are quite sculptural in nature.  You can see their work at their Etsy shop.

CatSynth pic: Wicks Looper

From rarebeasts on flickr:

You can see other wicks looper photos as well as others by rarebeasts, some featuring his own cat Luna!

CatSynth pic: Luna and Squid Shifter

From rarebeasts on flickr.

“The Squid Shifter is an effects pedal that makes a sound that is a cross between heavy distortion and a synth.”

Here is a video of the Squid Shiftter in action:

CatSynth pic: Luna and EM-Tronic

From rarebeasts on flickr:

“Can’t get a camera out without luna turning up.

The EM-Tronic is a small hand held synth that makes a large range of electronic noises.”

You can see the EM-Tronic in action in this video:

Quite a variety of sounds in such a small box.

Wicks Looper – Luna Mod

From rarebeasts on flickr, the latest incarnation of the Wicks Looper:

“This is the new Wicks Looper. It’s name Luna Mod, comes from my cat, Luna who is always hanging around when I make these things.”

I of course cannot resist reposting a synthesizer with a “Luna Mod” :). We have actually seen this other cat named Luna (along with the Wicks Looper) in this previous post.

Check out this video of the Luna Mod with a red mini Kaos Pad.

CatSynth pic: Luna checks the mini jam

From rarebeasts on flickr:

“Luna checks out the Wicks Looper and DinoAxe.”

We at CatSynth are always delighted to meet another musical cat named Luna!

You can see the actual mini jam with the Wicks Looper and DinoAxe in this video:

We recently presented this Wicks Looper in this post. I am quite fascinated by this little instruments (and not just because of the black cat logo).

CatSynth videos: Wicks Looper

From potterpaint2000 on YouTube, via matrixsynth:

“an improv featuring a KP3 processed Wicks Looper from Australia, a wonderful cacaphonous little device. Thanks Brian!…also a Nord Lead and a Stylophone Drumbeat”

I am not familiar with the Wicks Looper, but I did find some more info here, and another video: