CatSynth pic: RITM Soviet Synthesizer (Con Moto)

Via matrixsynth, an image of a rare Soviet synthesizer RITM-2, and with a cat. The original post from 2010 is here. The recent post features a performance using the RITM-2.

“16. Con motto VL147 (1897)
Mikalojus Konstantinas ─îiurlionis (1875-1911)

Edan Gillen performing on the RITM-2 synthesizer.”

CatSynth pics: Polivoks

From mechanical.animals, via matrixsynth:

CatSynth pic: TOM-1501 Rare Soviet USSR Vintage Analog Synthesizer

Via matrixsynth:

Judging from the cat and early 1970s decor, it’s from the same source as yesterday’s post.

“Tom-1501- 61-note (F-F) string / brass / piano multi-keyboard. This one reminds Crumar multi-keyboards. Nearly all controls on sliders on sloping back panel. Splittable. Vibrato depth, speed. Brass filter AR, resonance and cutoff. Preset sounds, mixable, include piano, clavinet, orchestra (violin, alto, contrabass), brass. Chorus. Piano has separate out. Made at the Tula factory. “

You can see more photos and information on this rare Soviet instrument on the original post at matrixsynth.