LolCatSynth: From Synthtopia

The next contribution from our first lolcat-synth contest comes from Synthtopia. The headline is “Cat Announces Plan To Rule The World!”:

Synthtopia included this in an article promoting our contest, and they produced one of the best examples in the process.

We're back!

Well, after five days in exile, we're back.
Thanks to all those who visited us at our temporary home and Luna's Catster Page to show their support.

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LolCatSynth: from the "contest"

Well, we saw a lot of great captions come out of our first LolCatSynth contest. I quite liked this one:

I'll post some of the others over the next few weeks, including some from reposts at matrixsynth and elsewhere. And stay tuned for more pics just begging to be “cap-shunned”.

CatSynth Video: DigiSound cats

Saw this cool “music video” on matrixsynth this morning:

From electrovolt:

featuring angel, spike and the nameless black micro cat. soundtrack made with the Digisound synthesizer

CatSynth pic: kitty dot com

Submitted by Andrew Horton of Prairie Primities:

A nice warm spot for a nap.

Guess the synths and keyboards.

CatSynth pic: Kira and Quasimidi

Submitted by Ivan:

First LolCatSynth "contest"

Remember this photo from a few days ago?

Well, this photo has inspired several lolcat captions, including on this original post:

“im in ur ether, changing ur capacitanz”

There are several more suggestions on this repost at matrix.

So am calling the first LolCatSynth contest, to write even more lolcat captions for this photo. Please leave your suggestions in the comment section.

There isn't really any “prize” or “winner” for this particular contest, though I will be happy to do the actual captioning for my favorite submissions, as well as post them (with credit) to the popular lolcat sites.

CatSynth pic: cat with modular

Submitted by our friend brrer:

Anyone care to identify the modular synth?

CatSynth pic: lissajous (chaos link)

Via matrixsynth:

Originally from gerald:

My cat loves the Lissajous this thing generates

So what is a “Lissajous”? it is actually short for Lissajous curves or Lissajous figures, a class of 2D (and 3D) curves describing complex harmonic functions, or more simply multi-dimensional sine curves. The following equations describe a general Lissajous curve on an x-y coordinate plane:

x = A sin(at + φ)
y = B sin(bt)

Most of the time, one leaves out the A and B, which case all the curves fall on a convenient unit square.

The most commonly described Lissajous curves set the phase term φ to π/2, i.e., a standard cosine function, and have a and b at integer ratios, like 1:2, 6:5, etc. You can think of these as natural harmonics, like in musical sounds. You can see a few of the graphs below, first for a=1 and b=2:

Here are 3:2 (a:b), and 9:8, respectively:

As you can see, the higher the ratio, the more complex and dense the figure. If you add all the figures up together, you should be able to fill the entire unit square.

There are all sorts of interesting special cases. For example, if you set a and b equal, you will get a circle. If you additionally set the φ to zero, you will get a straight line. Finally, you can mess with different values of φ, like 0.3 in the first drawing below, or set a and b to non-integer values, to get all sorts of interesting variations:

It is interesting to think about these sorts of functions by relating them both visually and aurally (i.e., synthesizing the corresponding waveforms), but we will leave that as an exercise for interested readers, perhaps returning to the topic in a future article.

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CatSynth pics: more Daphne

Remember Daphne, who “loves bleepy sounds”? Well, she's back with some more photos from sushiluv.

First, via matrixsynth, here she is w/ a Moog:

And doing some “Fat Cat Beats” with an Akai box: