Trash Audio party at NAMM and Matrixsynth “Wine Bar”

Last night was the annual Trash Audio party that occurs during NAMM. It’s an opportunity to meet a lot of makers and enthusiasts of esoteric and DIY electronic instruments in a quintessentially southern Californian setting: a backyard pool party. It was great to meet some of the people I have gotten to know through writing this site.

Matrixsynth hosted a little wine bar of sorts, with his own Analog Reserve (red) and Digital Reserve (white). They were quite good, actually.

CatSynth Video: A Day In The Life Of Alessandro Cortini

From Trash Audio, via Synthtopia, and submitted to us by RadicalGeometry on twitter.

We have actually seen Alessandro Cortini’s work in a previously posted video. This one features multiple black cats, a tabby cat kneading, gratuitous kitten placement, and a large Buchla synthesizer setup.

It’s a long video, at almost 8 minutes, but worth a watch.