CatSynth video: Jordan and Richard Iphone Jam

JCRUDESS on YouTube, via matrixsynth:

“Richard came over to say hi and the next thing you know we were jamming on our Iphone and Ipad. So here it is captured for you…. Looptastic on the Ipad and Nlogs Midi Synth on the iphone (actually it is a new Ipod touch)”

CatSynth Video: A Day In The Life Of Alessandro Cortini

From Trash Audio, via Synthtopia, and submitted to us by RadicalGeometry on twitter.

We have actually seen Alessandro Cortini’s work in a previously posted video. This one features multiple black cats, a tabby cat kneading, gratuitous kitten placement, and a large Buchla synthesizer setup.

It’s a long video, at almost 8 minutes, but worth a watch.

Cat Synths on a Whole New Level…

No, this is not Luna. It’s a video from YouTube by cyriak, as seen on matrixsynth:

Sorry… meow mix
“my cat wrote the song, I just played the music and shot the video”