CatSynth video: Dreadbox Erebus

Titled “how to unbox a greek synthesizer (Dreadbox Erebus)” by Neoplasma on YouTube, via matrixsynth. You can guess where the cat ends up at the end of the video 😉

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CatSynth video: Yamaha DX7 DEMO 1 Electric Age REGENERATION

From paul mangru on YouTube, via matrixsynth.

“The legendary DX7 like few have ever heard it. Ive put my 22 years of experience with FM and the DX7 into this and my other demos to show what is really possiblle.

When you dont believe the myths and go into those parameters. I hope to inspire others to what is really possible with this sonic masterpiece. All my demos are 100% DX7 no software samples or drum machines.”

Spot the cat! Overall, the demo does have that unmistakable 1980s synth sound, which is a bit of a mixed experience for me. Some of those sounds in the intro, however, are awesome and remind us the potential of FM. I do have a TX802 module that never use and a 4-op TX81Z that I sometimes still use.