Milo and Custom DIY VCS3

Tuxedo cat sitting next to an analog synthesizer, a modern version of the Synthi VCS3 built from a kit and custom parts.

Milo proudly sits next to a freshly built version of the classic (EMS Synthi) VCS3. Submitted by Keith Winstanley via our Facebook page.

As mentioned, this is not an original VCS3, but a modern custom build that Winstanley recently completed.

It’s one I’ve been building on and off for about 10 years, just bought and installed the Ghielmetti patchbay, pin park and Predtopatch socket 🙂 It has a lot of features the original hadn’t but using original components and circuitry 🙂

We hope that Keith and Milo have a lot of fun playing their new instrument!

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