CatSynth pic: Diego and Befaco Slicer Prototype

From comun y corriente, via matrixsynth:

Googlish translation from matrixsynth:

The other Diego had domestic problems that will prevent you bring your Spanish guitar, so you will be forced to play with this wild animal.

And another picture from amstrad on flickr, featuring Kiska:

Finally, an update from c+c via the comments on matrixsynth:

ust a brief explanation of what was going on here… This was published a couple of days before our first Corrientazo, a concert featuring many musicians using compact synthesizers and DIY stuff. So we were announcing that Diego, from Befaco, was going to play with a prototype of their new Slicer / 8 step sequencer, to be released later this month (more info soon!).

Then I heard news from Amstrad that he was no longer going to play spanish guitar + MFB 522 in the concert, because the cat ate the guitar! So he brought his DIY modular, from the Befaco workshops, instead; and played it via MIDI from his iPhone!”

I would be curious to hear the iPhone + Befaco performance…