Not-Tuna with Teenage Engineering OP-1

For Black Cat Appreciation Day, we have some photos of “Not-Tuna”, a black cat who looks a lot like our friend Tuna, with a Teenage Engineering OP-1. From thedigitalpurrgatory on Instagram.

Pretty sure Not-Tuna is a synth cat, too.

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Today, August 17 is officially Black Cat Appreciation Day. Of course, that could apply to any day here at CatSynth.


My black cat Luna, who was originally adopted from a shelter, certainly gets a lot of appreciation and love.


Black cats are sleek and gorgeous. And I have often found them to be among the most sweet and affectionate of cats. Luna is no exception on either front.


Sadly, black cats are still among the last to be adopted from shelters in the United States. Whether it’s lingering superstition or plain bias is hard to say. I see way too many heartbreaking stories of abandoned black cats in kill shelters reaching the end of their time. Black Cat Appreciation Day is an effort to highlight the plight of black shelter cats but also to celebrate them as wondrous companions. This video, from the Meadow Lake Humane Society of Saskatchewan, Canada, always gets to me:

There are numerous local groups on Facebook and elsewhere dedicated to helping black cats, and I encourage interested readers to check them out.

Black Cat Appreciation Day

August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Many websites are celebrating with photos and stories, including House Panthers, as well as The Cheezburger Network (home of LolCats), and even Daily Kos. The Cheezburger Network site has information on how this tradition got started, and a musical tribute. We join in the celebration with photos of Luna.

Black cats have a particularly elegant and sophisticated appearance, there is something inherently “modern” about them. And many of the black cats of met have had the sweetest personalities. I knew that I wanted a black cat, and was very fortunate to find Luna.

Sadly, many black cats continue to have a hard time finding adoptive homes, and seem to be particularly vulnerable in some municipal shelters. And while cases of abuse of black cats because of superstition are fortunately rare, the superstitions do continue. This is my favorite counter-statement ever!

Yes, we at CatSynth are Marx Brothers’ fans 🙂

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