CatSynth pic: Kitten, DX9 and TR-626

Submitted by Nicolas Pauly via facebook:

Here, the kitten is playing a Yamaha DX9, with a circuit-bent Roland TR-626. This is also a just a great photo.

CatSynth motivational poster: Tali and Serge

From Carbon111, via matrixsynth:

Actually we have seen Tali and the Serge modular before.

As a bonus, another poster of Tali in the studio that Luna might appreciate:

CatSynth pic: Sid

from g, via matrixsynth:

“Here is my late Cat, Sid… he loved hanging out with me when I worked on the synth, and also patch cables were one of his good games 😉

Mar 1996-
Sep 2008”

We at CatSynth send our thoughts for Sid’s family. As matrix says: “Cats and pets in general are the few things in life that unconditionally have your back, through the good and the bad times.”

Unconditional love and hanging out together while working on the studio. What more could one ask for?