R.I.P. Tali

Some sad news from this weekend, via matrixsynth. Tali, the feline companion of carbon111 passed away over the weekend:

We featured Tali’s CatSynth pics many times over the past couple of years, and she will be missed. I send carbon111 my deepest sympathies.

You can read kind words for Tali (aka “Circle Cat”) at Harmony Central and matrixsynth.

I did not know before reading carbon111’s post that Tali was named for Taliesin.

CatSynth pics: Carbon111, Studio Revamp

From carbon111, via matrixsynth:

Spot the kitty in the picture?

Carbon111 is the author of the CatSynth motivational posters we presented back in February.

In the studio revamp post, they also have a “comfy chair” picture that reminds me of Luna curled up in her favorite chair here at CatSynth HQ.

And it looks like carbon111 recently completed a track entitled Luna.

CatSynth pic: Tali and Serge

From Carbon111, via matrixsynth:

There is also a wallpaper-sized version on SYNTHWIRE.

For those who may not know, the Serge Modular Synthesizers are kits that can be assembled to build large custom analog synthesizers. There are classic editions, and new editions. You can visit matrixsynth for more images and info, or visit the unofficial fan site.

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