CatSynth pic: Appliancide (mostly) DIY modular

From Appliancide, where you can read more about the project.

I ordered some knobs and switch covers for the Doepfer modules, so they will blend in with my DIY stuff better. I am working on a second case and the modules to fill it. I will try to do a start-to-finish pictorial on one the modules this coming year. We’ll see. I like to build slow and rock out to music. Taking pictures cramps my style.

Also on matrixsynth:

“Clockwise starting from the upper left:

Doepfer a-111 VCO, Dual CGS/Serge DUSG, Doepfer a-188-1 256 stage BBD, Doepfer a-188-1 4096 stage BBD, DIY manual gate/lag generator, Doepfer a-135 mixer, Doepfer a-101-2 LPG, DIY version of Fonitronik Attenuverting Mixer and Buchla 292C LPG clone using boards from Thomas White.”

CatSynth video: Ghost Rider Modular (CatGirl Synth)

From FOCtv on YouTube, via matrixsynth.

“Mr. Hand demos a patch utilizing a CatGirl Synth Sub Octave Divider module. The sequence is a facsimile of Suicide’s song Ghost Rider done with a Q119 Sequential Controller. It’s not the complete riff since Marty Rev’s riff is poly-rhythmic and I could only use 8 steps of the analog sequencer. The organ-like tonality is from the CGS Sub-Octave module which can function similarly to the divide down technology used in electric organs.”

Look for a black cat early in the video, and also the sounds with the CatGirl Synth module.

CatSynth pic: Not Quite Quad Slope

From Appliancide (via matrixsynth).

More info via this link.

“Like most modular synthesizer users and builders, I suffer from Serge envy. Thankfully for all of us, Ken Stone licensed some of Serge’s designs to sell as CGS PCBs.

Here is my first module using these Serge designs”

The cat in the first photo is the “project supervisor.”

As another feline reference, “CGS” is “Cat Girl Synth”.