Finnegan and Novation Summit

Finnegan seems particularly keen on the Novation Summit today. From Greg Cole (@emptyvessel) via Facebook.

Novation Summit patch design consultation with Finnegan.
I’m not sure what he’s so concerned about, should have used the Bandpass filter? Too much FM between Osc 3 & 1? Too much reverb (no such thing)? Not enough saturation?

We at CatSynth are confident that Finnegan will make this patch sing beautifully.

CatSynth Pic: Finnegan and Ensoniq Samplers

Finnegan shares his latest composition on a pair of Ensoniq Samplers. Submitted by Greg Cole via our Facebook page.

samplers rather than synths but this is Finnegan who spends most days in the studio with me…’helping’.

We at CatSynth are quite familiar with Ensoniq’s venerable line of sampling workstations. I got an EPS in 1989, and then upgraded to an ASR-10 a few years later. The latter is still in storage here at CatSynth HQ.