Smokey in the Studio with Novation Summit, Elektron, Studio Electronics, and More

Smokey as a place of honor in this studio place of honor in this studio. On the right is a Novation Summit, in the center are offerings from Elektron. In the Upper left in the Studio Electronics Boomstar that we saw in a previous post with Smokey’s fellow feline Valentino, and on the left is a synth that we leave as an exercise to the ready.

From Patricia Wolf via Twitter.

CatSynth Pic: Novation SL and more

This cat poses quite confidently against a Novation SL controller keyboard. She is sitting beneath onther keyboard/synth that we are pretty sure is from Sequential.

From danfurmusic in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada via Instagram.

Was fortunate enough to get to watch my parents cat over the past week 🙂 she’s a real sweetheart, but she’s quite critical of my mixes. It’s Been wonderful getting to look after so many pet pals recently 🙂 and willows really grown to love cats. She now whines anytime I don’t let her meet a new cat. She doesn’t really understand that some cats might be afraid of a 70lb dog and she just wants to be friends with them all 🙂

Cat’s can indeed by strong critics of our music.

CatSynth Pic: Novation Summit (Tiny Crush Mixing)

Our feline friend from Tiny Crush Mixing returns, this time sitting atop a Novation Summit synthesizer. (See what I did there?)

From hugoparismusic on Instagram.

What is the importance of collaborating in your creative process? ✨⠀

That is indeed an interesting question. I feel much of my creativity is solitary, and I do enjoy that. But I also collaborate in myriad ways. This was true even during the depths of the pandemic when I recorded an album with remote collaborators. And I do miss my band and duo performances.

Gray Cat and Novation Impulse 61

A beautiful gray cat plays a noisy bass drone (C# and D#) via a Novation Impulse 61 synthesizer. From Conspirador Norteño on Twitter.

Basti with Sequential Prophet X

Basti naps near a collection of keyboard synthesizers, including a Sequential Prophet X. We also see a MicroKorg and a Novation keyboard. From Andras Karoly via Facebook.

Here is a close-up of Basti sleeping.

The keyboard in this photo appears to be a Nord.

Please check out our chat with Dave Smith about the Prophet X from NAMM 2019.