Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat REINCARNATED!

From chuckieart on YouTube, via matrixsynth:

“REJOICE!!! The waiting is over! As predicted by Keyboard Cat Church…He is back!!! Fatso is reincarnated as “Bento”. He comes with Fatso’s approval, support, talent and spirit. It is truly time to celebrate! Much more to come!”

Catsynth pic: Keyboard Cat

From KNNKT on flickr, via matrixsynth:

Dolly with CME and MicroKorg

“Dolly on a CME UF8 with MicroKorg and Korg MS2000 in the background”

CatSynth video: MPC Cat

From officialanticon on YouTube, via matrixsynth:

“Doseone’s cat Purple takes inspiration from the keyboard cat.”

Three Keyboard Cat Moon

Submitted by fellow Reconnaissance Fly band-member Bill Wolter, the Three Keyboard Cat Moon T-Shirt:

You can see the some of the Keyboard Cat videos here and here.

You can also visit the original Keyboard Cat site.

CatSynth pic and video: keyboard cat papercraft tribute.

From tubbypaws on YouTube, via matrixsynth:

From the video description:

This is the happy papercraft keyboard cat assembly instruction video. please watch the happy video for instructions and things to see and do and scary, please don’t blink.

(warning this video contains flashing imagery)

you can find the papercraft pattern here-

please enjoy ^-^

papercraft, artwork, animation, music and photography by tubbypaws”

[click to enlarge]

I’m going to try this out…or more specifically, at it to the queue of still-uncompleted DIY projects…

CatSynth pic: Woody, Keyboard Cat

From Cardigan Lane on flickr, via matrixsynth:

“Woody chilling out with the Yamaha CS01.”

From the comments on matrixsynth:

Hey guys, that cat is my little friend Woody.
He’s a Bengal.

A very cool little guy, a little crazy but lots of fun. He belongs to my friends. He is actually my friends cat, whenever I crash on their couch I usually wake up with him sleeping on my legs.

He got a little freaked out by the CS1… once I turned it on and started playing some keys from it, he didn’t find it such a great pillow any more and started attacking the speaker. He didn’t have any problem with the casio CT310 we were also fooling around with, so I guess I should have named him Casio Cat!

Super Keyboard Cat Bros.

From judebuffum on YouTube:

One of my favorite Keyboard Cat videos to date. And it does tie in nicely to my current series on Japan. Consider this scene from a store in Akiabara, Tokyo: