CatSynth pic: Chloe in Studio, October 2009

From SeƱor Pantalones on flickr:

“Cat perspective distortion! (she’s backup security in case the primary one fails)”

In addition to the cat Chloe, there is a Clavia Nord G2, a Moog Voyager, a Snyderphonics Manta (see this NAMM report on the Snyderphonics Manta), L.L. Electronics Rozzbox, several offerings from Roland (System 100m, TB-303, TR-606, MKS-50/Juno), an SH-101 Novamod, and a Cwejman S1 mkII among many others. I also like the modernist studio furniture from Heckler Designs.

You can see a full-size image as well as labels for all the gear on the original flickr page.