Indy and Micromoog

Orange and white cat sitting on top of a micromoog synthesizer.  We see the back of the synthesizer, with it's various audio and CV jacks.

Indy proudly sits atop a vintage Micromoog synthesizer. Submitted by CRaig Flory via our Facebook page.

Most readers are quite familiar with the Minimoog, but what about the Micromoog? It’s a somewhat smaller, single-oscillator synthesizer with a filter that is nearly identical to the Minimoog. It accepts external audio into the filter, so it makes a great processor as well. Finally, it has a pitch bend ribbon (like the CS-80), something its larger sibling did not have.

Catsynth pics: Silicon Breakdown

Silicon Breakdown features the cat April programming a micromoog:

Small world; Silicon Breakdown performed at Woodstockhausen 2002, same year as my first appearance at the “tiny festival of esoteric music.” Check out the track Mutate from WSH 2002, which is part of their 2003 CD Green, available as freely downloadable mp3s.