Wordless Wednesday: California 41

This is one of the new pieces I have this fall for San Francisco Open Studios!

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Weekend Cat Blogging: Luna and Luna

In honor of the full moon last night (dubbed the “supermoon” in the media), we present Luna along with her namesake.

I always thought the name suited her well.

Photographing the moon is even harder than photographing cats. But I did also create this highly stylized image of the full moon with traffic from nearby Interstate 280 as it descends into downtown San Francisco.

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Weekend Cat Blogging #260: Close-ups

For Weekend Cat Blogging, we present some new close-up portraits of Luna. These are inspired by the weekly Friday Close-ups” from our friends Mickey, Georgia, and Tillie.

Close-up portraits are a practice I am still working on. These were done by just picking up the camera with its zoom lens and shooting – I would have opted for the fixed-width portrait, but with a cat you have to be ready to use whatever you have on hand.

Here is another from the same series, in monochrome:

For those who haven’t seen it yet, please check out my review of the Quickening Moon Concert which features a video of Luna. And we will be hosting the Carnival of the Cats tomorrow here at CatSynth.

Weekend Cat Blogging #260 is being hosted this weekend by Nikita Cat.

The Carnival of the Cats will be up here tomorrow at CatSynth!

And the friday ark is at the modulator.